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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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adding classroom and other spacacin the high school. prairie high was built to hold about a thousand students. there are 11-hundred here this school year. school leaders expect 12-hundred next year and more in following years. "our classroomsmsre too small, the facilities are getting older it's just time to spend the money" since the bond vote failure last spring, the district has refinanced some earlier bond debt. the board is expected to direct more money from the one cent local option n le tax to this expansion. combined, that will leave property tax payers with a smaller share of the bill if they vote "yes" this time. "as the keeper of the taxpayer money, we wanted to do something to lessen the impact. so we worked very hard over the last year to restructure debt, committed additional one cent sales tax money to driver that down we believe it's a minimal impact compared to the previous issue." the superintenden t says the district grew even faster than expected this year when the fall enrollment
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this bond to pass the second t te around to get ahead of the growth. supporters of another bond vote will present a petition to the college community board at the meeting tonight. the board is expected t t accept the petition and set the date for a vote on february 2nd. incidentally, february 2nd could be a popular date for school bond votes. the waterloo school will also consider putting a 47- million dollar bond vote on the ballot then at a meeting tonight. thanks, dave. turning to weather and meteorologist joe winters. the mild temperatures are great, but hopefully the rain is ending. our three days of wet weatheb is finally coming to a close. showers exit the state with some patchy fog possible late tonight. although the 60s will not be around this week some mild 40s remain in the forecast on tuesday. the gradual trend is to continue to turn n e temperatures down n
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to any below normal levels. look for highs to be in the 30s through the end of the week. tonight: patchy fog late low: 32-38 wiwids: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 41-47 winds: se 5-15 as of this evening the rivers which are experiencing moderate flooding are the skunk river at sigourney, and the english river at kalona. the good news is that these two are expected to crest over the next two days, only rising another foot between now and then. to the north along the cedar river, river levels are below flood stage. hohover, moderate flooding is expected at cedar falls by tuesday night. moving to the south along the cedar, not mvch impact so far, but as water shed from
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makes its way down, minor flooding is forecast at least at cedar rapids by the end of this week. bruce and beth... a hit and run crash in ames has killed an iowa state student from eastern iowa. it happened around seven this morning on the south side of the iowa state university campus. police say an i-s-u police officer found 18-year-old emmalee jacobs lying in the road round 7am. the urbana native was an engineering major. emergency crews took jacobs to a hospital, where she later died. police say her injuries indicate she was the victim of a hit-and-run. investigators say they have not found any witnesses and have not made any arrests. they have nototeleased the vivitim's name. police have arrested a southern iowa man after finding the remains of two pepele. 37 year old jerry dillinger
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counts of first degree murder. police arrested him after they found a second body near a house in thayer. that's about an hour south of des moines. so far authorities have not identified that victim. and the state medical examiner is conducting an autopsy. on december second, officers found the body of 37 year old loretta dillinger in a farm pond near lorimor i iunion county. jerry dillinger was her former brother-in- law. investigators have not yet released the cause a a manner of the two deaths. after a briefing from the pentagon... president obama says the u-s led coalition is hitting isis harder than ever and is moving forward with great urgency. but as a-b-c's elizabeth hur reports, the announcement comes as there are new questions about the terror couple in california. for anyone wondering what if anything is beingngone to defeat isis..
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obama"we are taking out the isis leader, commanders and killers one by one. and the next message to them is simple, you are next." that message.. after his rare visit to the pentagon with top security officials.. talking strategy in tackling terrorism. obama"we are hitting them harder than ever.. the reassurance comes as new questions are raised about missed cues and warnings in the san bernardino attacks.. abc news has learned that tashfeen malik had extensive social media postings.. supporting jihih but she still got a fiance visa to come to the u-s.. turns out.. a secret u-s policy prevented immigration officials from searching social media as part of the screening process. john cohen "the primary concern was that it would be viewed negatively if it was didilosed publicly and there were concerns that it would be embarrassing. " just last year.. immigration officials did ask for new policies.. allowing them to look at apapicant's social media public posts.. but were opposed by the homeland security department's office of
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civil liberites. sen. charles schumer, ny"had they checked out tashfeen malik a little more, maybe she wouldn't have gotten a visa. maybe those people in san bernardino would be alive." liz hur tag: the homeland security department says the current policy is being reversed.. but insiders tell abc news.. even the new pilot programs are not a despread policy. eh, abc news, ny. two new opinion polls show the republican nomination for president is still very much up in the air. a quinnipiac university poll shows donald trump and ted cruz are neck and neck here in iowa. trump has 28 percent support from probable republican caucus goers, while cruz is righthtehind with 27 percent. marco rubio is third with 14 percent, and ben carson is next with 10 percent. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three poininthree percent. it's also worth noting, 53 percent of the people who supported a candidate say they might
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a fox news poll yesterday had the two top candidates just the opposite, with cruz ahead of trump here in iowa by two per cent. and the des moines register's iowa poll on saturday showed cruz holding a ten point lead over trump. but a new national poll on the republicanan candidates shows trump holding a commanding 27 point lead over cruz. the monmouth university poll of g-o-p voters has trump at 41 percent and cruz second with just 14 percent. this poll has a margin of error of plus or minus five percent. scientists at the university of iowa found what might be thehenswer to stopping ebeba outbreaks for good. u-i researchers used a drug already approved by the f-d-a to prevent the infection in mice. it's called "gammama interferon" , and uses a prprein already found in the human body. researchers found if mice were given the drug 24 hours before or
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they were protected from the virus. while other treatments have only worked to prevent one of five ebola strains, this is the first drug that would protect from all of them. researchers say this offers hope. "it is relatively inexpensive to produce so it might be availabab to third world countries to be able to utilize were another outbreak to take place." in future experiments, the team will lengthen the time frame the drug is given and expand testing to primates a leadership change at the macbride raptor project meant the end of its rehabilitationonervices. coming up, how another non-profit is stepping up to help those birds again.
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to a close. showers exit the state with some patchy fog possible late tonight. although the 60s will not be around this week some mild 40s remain in the forecast on tuesday. the gradual trend is to continue to turn the temperatures down this week but not to any below normal levels. look for highs to be in the 30s
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tonight: patchy fog late low: 32-38 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 41-47 winds: se 5-15tomorrow night: isolated showers low: 35-41 winds: se 10-20wednesday: isolated am showers high: 43 - low: 38 thursday: mostly cloloy high: 35 - low: 27 friday: mostly cloudy high: 30 - low: 21
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high: 34 - low: 18 sunday: increasing clouds high: 42 - low: 26 monday: chance of showers high: 44 - low: 34 thanks joe. dfzens of john deere workers in waterloo are facing indefinite layoffs. coming up, what's led to the layoffs and when they're going to happen. and with christmas getting closer, today marked a big milestone for people sending cards and gifts across the country.
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plants in iowa and illinois. the company says that includes 45 workers at the john deere foundry in waterloo. deere cut t re than 11- hundred d jobs in the midwest last summer as the farm economy slowed. the layoffs are effective january 18th. deere is also laying off workers in ankeny and east moline. the company says falling grain prices continue to hurt its sales. in november, company officials said they expect sales to fall 7 percent next year. lines were long at post offices across the country today.
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shipping day for holiday packages, letters, and cards. it expects to deliver about 15 and a half billion items during the holiday season. and about 612-million of those items would b bgoing into the m ml today alone. one peak- day shipper told us he lucked out. "we were surprised how quickly it went, but a few minutes into it we looked behind us and it was so much longer. but we got here at a good time" while today ranks as the busiest day for mailing packages or letters, next monday, december 21st should see the greatest volume of mail deliveries. the postal service also says tomorrw is the last day to send a package at regular rates and expect delivery before christmas. for a lot of years, greene square park has been an important part of downtown cedar rapids. and with a two million dollar make-over, greene square has a whole new look. "a new nonprofit in rehabilitating birds of prey in eastern iowa. i'll show you the work they're doing, coming up."
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that receives support from the university of iowa and kirkwood community college. it's spent years rehabilitating injured birds of prey. but a leadership change earlier this year prompted the project to stop rehabilitation services. so t-v nine's brady smith explains, the macbride raptor project's former director started a new organization. :48-:58 "many of us who had been working and doing that 4& for many years felt there still was a very important need for rehabilitation in the area." after leaving the macbride raptor project, jodeane cancilla formed rare in its wake. 4:41-:49 "we have had three patientnt we have another one on the way from dubuque that has an injured wing. so things are really beginning to pick up."rare,
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advocacy, rehabilitation, and education." dr. mary ebert is serving as rare's veterinarian, offering her iowa city clinic as a place to treat patients like this screech owl. 5:23-:32 "it has an injured eye, most likely due to a collision with a vehicle, and an old fracture to a leg; hard to tell what might've caused that." 21:47-:53 "there may be some inner-ear injury also, based on the blood we've seen coming out the ear canal."the healing process for this owl will take time, and so will the development of rare. cancilla hopes to build a new flight cage - like the one still standing at m-r-p's site near solon - to help g birds ready to return to the wild. rare juststot its state nonprofit status, but it's still waiting on federal status. that will give 100-percent tax exemption to donors, and allow for easier fundraising to get supplies they need. 3:44-:49 "medicines and bandages, x-rays, food, those types of things." cancilla says rare will also be doing educational outreach, to teach people about why these birds are so important, and why they need specialized care. 6:17-:23 "with a bird of
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you've got a bird that's a little more secretive, a little bit more - perhapap- shy." in iowa cici, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. kirkwood community college still partners with the university of iowa to support the macbride raptor project. but its focus now is on education and research. for more information on rare, you can g gto this story on kcrg dot com. a nearly 2 million dollar makeover is almost complete in downtown cedar rapids. greene square looks quite different from a year ago. workers still need to install a new sculpture and plant a few flowers. but for the most part, greene square is complete. it has several new features, including a fountain, wi-fi access and outlets for laptops and mobile devices. the money came from the city, linn county and private donors. 1:05 "it took a lot of time, it took a lot of corporate support, a lot of leadership
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for hawkeye season ticket holders to get their hands on rose bowl tickets. tonight at 6.
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recapping today's top stories, an urbana teen is dead following a hit and run crash near the iowa state university campus. 18-year-old emmalee jacobs was a freshman studying engineering in ames. police found her lying in the street and say her injuries indicate a vehicle hit her. officers are looking for the driver. the college community school board plans to set a date tonight for a 49 million dodolar bond issue vote. it's essentially the same project voters rejected last april by just 58 votes. but this time, the districts says property owners would not pay as much. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast.
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to a close. showers exit the state with some patchy fog possible late tonight. although the 60s will not be around this week some mild 40s remain in the forecast on tuesday. the gradual trend is to continue to turn the temperatures down this week but not to any below normal levels. look for highs to be in the 30s through the end of the week. tonight: patctc fog late low: 32-38 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 41-47 winds: se 5-15 thank you for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 5. now we go to new york for abc's world news with david tonight, the new numbers just in. donald trump, after his proposed ban on muslims coming to america, now poming at his highest yet. the new report tonight from his doctor. and the other republican candidate gaining steam. the warning signs missed. now reporting on the wife turned killer in san bernardino. who came here on a visa. what she had done before and how did authorities miss it during three separate interviews to come to the u.s.? the weather whiplash tonight. the new winter storm.
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elsewhere, the record heat.
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